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Thank you so much for visiting us last week. The kids were putting on their own puppet shows after you left!

~ Parent in College Park, MD

In the early weeks of the pandemic and strict social distancing, I was home with a newborn and my 2.5 year old toddler - who no sooner than he'd started adjusting to a new sibling had another life change thrown at him when daycares closed. Jennifer graciously began coming to our lawn once a week to lead a story-based play session. To say my toddler adored this time together would be a massive understatement - his time with "Ms. Jennifer" was the highlight of each week. As an educator myself I loved the focus on emotions (identifying his own as well as those of the characters in the stories), predicting what might happen next in the story, and creating his own endings to stories through acting out "what could happen next?" In the midst of so many changes and disruptions to routines the time spent and relationship built with Ms. Jennifer (from a safe social distance) was invaluable to our family and we can't recommend her and Yard Dramas enough!

~ Parent in Hyattsville, MD