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Hey curious minds, adventure seekers, imagineers, and lifelong learners: Gather around. Let me tell you a story!

I'm Jennifer. The creator behind Yard Dramas - where creativity takes center stage!

Imagine a world where storytelling, theater, puppetry, music, and dance come together to bridge connections, ignite learning, and cultivate fresh ideas. From its humble beginnings in April 2020, Yard Dramas was born out of a passion for nurturing creativity and exploration. In a time when the world was forced to shelter in place, I walked my childhood classic red radio flyer wagon into neighbors' yards for art-learning experiences. Collaborative storytelling sessions, well-being practices, and the creativity process unfolded right in the embrace of nature.

But Yard Dramas evolved into much more than just stories on lawns. I combined my training in arts integration and my role as an Anacostia Watershed Steward and Climate Reality Leadership Corps member with art and critical literacy. The result? Programs for schools, community centers, libraries, markets, and festivals that awaken connectivity, foster lifelong learning, shape the world, and inspire our future!

Beyond the grassy areas outside our homes and buildings, a yard is a unit of measure (think self-reflection and community). Guided by my expertise in social-emotional learning and capacity to adapt to all ages, Yard Dramas encourages curiosity and empathy, fostering an appreciation for our individuality while emphasizing our collective impact on the world around us.

From babies to revered elders - Yard Dramas welcomes educators, students, families, businesses, and community leaders – every individual and community seeking to open new doors, enhance teaching and learning experiences, and embrace growth in every sense.

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