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We want to share tips for individuals, families, educators and leaders seeking creative challenges and outdoor adventures.

Our goals:

  • Ignite creativity in your household
  • Inspire collaboration in your community
  • Increase connectivity across the county

If you have an idea, tell us about it.

On this Earth Day in 2022 . . .

Yard Dramas bring story and nature together.

By using stories, we explore emotions, develop empathy and solve problems.

By playing in nature, we feel directly connected to it, and learn to be its agent.

By using the performing arts, each individual creates the best possible version of themselves and brings their artistic self into the real world.

Our planet is our collective art project!




Are you ready for Yard Dramas first ever

Virtual Transformation Challenge?

From babies to revered elders,

everyone can and should participate!

Challenge Starts: 12noon on Wednesday, August 4

Challenge Deadline: 12noon on Tuesday, August 10

Winners Announced: Wednesday, August 11 at Day 30 of #PG30Parks30Days!

Eligibility Rules/Requirements:
  • For all ages

  • Sorry only residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland will be entered into the participation prize drawing

  • Post an image/video of yourself completing an object transformation to FB/IG.

  • Use hashtag #YardDramasChallenge2021

  • Complete the online application to be entered into the prize drawing!

  • If you are not on social media, but would like to participate, email us to learn about special submission instructions for participants not on social media.

The Challenge:

Using your actor’s tools of body, voice, imagination and cooperation, transform an object of your choosing into something it is not, so that you use the object in a way that is different from its normal use, and post it to social media. All objects are permitted, except objects identified and sold as toys (i.e. no blocks, legos, stuffed animals, etc).

Challenge Steps:
  1. Watch the video demonstrations by Jennifer, Morgan and Penny!

  2. Identify an object to transform. Reminder, no toys.

  3. Brainstorm a list of objects that if you used your imagination the object could be or used to do.

  4. Practice, or rehearse, like an actor, some of your ideas.

  5. Decide on the best idea, refining your idea and how you will present it.

  6. Take a still photo or video clip of yourself using the object in the new way.

  7. Post the photo or video clip to social media. In your post identify the object and tell us what you transformed it into!

  8. Include #YardDramasChallenge2021 in your post, and tag & follow @yarddramas on FB/IG (or at the very least make the post public so it is discoverable in a google search)!

  9. Complete this online submission form to be entered in the participation prize drawing.

Object Ideas
  • Found in the kitchen: colander, whisk, straw
  • Scooped up in the bathroom: handtowel, qtip, shampoo bottle

  • Stumbled on in the closet: hat, scarf, shoe

  • Fished from recycling: tissue box, pizza box,

  • Uncovered in the shed: bucket, broom, screwdriver

  • Explored in the office: folder, pen, sticky note

  • Discovered outside: rock, feather, seashell


Wait! There are prizes?!?!? Absolutely. All participants, as long as they are Prince George's County residents, will be entered into a prize drawing.

1 Lucky Participant will win a gift from Rosarium Publishing!

Rosarium Publishing is a publisher of diverse books and comics. Rosarium Publishing strives to bring "true diversity to publishing so that the books and comics we enjoy actually reflect the fascinating, multicultural world we truly live in today." With a Prince George's County neighbor at the helm, representing artists and writers from all over the world, Rosarium is our local and global source for science fiction, steampunk, satire, comics and more.

Two Lucky Participants will win a $35 gift certificate to Ethnicitees!

Owner and artist Sean Ramon Montague has been in business since 1994; the storefront opened on Black Friday of 2019! Ethnicitees' wearable products raise educational awareness of the global heritage of African American history and culture! There are many other products too. While we were there, we picked up “Chicken in the Kitchen” by Nnedi Okorafor. Winner of the Children’s Africana Best Book Award! Check out this video to learn more and get a view of the store: Follow them on social media to get a sneak preview of current merchandise! Located in the Bowie Town Center at 15525 Emerald Way Bowie Maryland 20716!

Five Lucky Participants will win a gift certificate for a smoothie from The Waterhole!

Pick up a smoothie at The Waterhole! This gem in the historic arts district of Mt. Rainier makes fresh juices, smoothies, dried herbs and superfoods that uplift, recharge & revitalize the mind, body and spirit. Perfect to pick up after an afternoon participating in a story in the park! Lisa Harris is the visionary of The Waterhole and she has created a community for all of us! As we continue to work to stay healthy during this pandemic and beyond, make frequent stops to 4004 34th Street, Mt. Rainier. Check out their online menu: online menu!

Penny Transforms A Paper Towel Tube

Penny collaborates with Morgan, using her imagination she joins the band! Penny begins to tell a story. She transforms the tube into an ear of corn that she eats, and because of that she has to brush her teeth, and because of that . . . what happens? Can you continue the story? Or do you want to catch the ball that Penny throws you and start with a totally different story?

Email us your ideas or share them on FB and IG. Make sure you tag @YardDramas and #YardDramasChallenge2021!

Check back next Wednesday to find out the rules of the challenge and how you can officially participate.

Morgan transforms an egg carton while collaborating with Jennifer and Penny!

Morgan uses her imagination to transform an egg carton. She builds off of what Jennifer shared about using your imagination last week (scroll below) and invites us to collaborate. Morgan demonstrates how she collaborates with Jennifer and Penny. What can you transform an egg carton into? Can you collaborate or build onto Morgan's ideas?

Email us your ideas or share them on FB and IG. Make sure you tag @YardDramas and #YardDramasChallenge2021!

What's the last actor's skill to be added to this challenge? Check back next Wednesday to see how Penny will use her imagination and collaboration skills and to catch the last skill, which she will add.

Jennifer Transforms A Bandana

What can you transform a bandana, a scarf, paper towel or tissue into?

Email us your ideas or share them on FB and IG. Make sure you tag @YardDramas and #YardDramasChallenge2021!

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