Our Process

As an imagineer partner of your creative journey or exploration, we will take these steps!

Step 1

Select a format that feels right for your community.

  • IN PERSON: This is where Yard Dramas got its start. Going outdoors boosts our health. Community brings us joy. Stories connect us. Imagination creates transformation. We will meet you (and your friends) safely distant and masked in a public or private yard.
  • VIRTUAL: We recognize that each of us has a different health and home situation and a different level of comfort with social engagement right now. This is why we brought the virtual format to our programming! Want a bedtime story by an actor or puppeteer? Need a quick creative strategy between virtual classes? Want to meet with or play with someone outside of your home? We've got you!
  • DIY CONSULTATION: Let's get on the phone or zoom so that we can strategize all the ways you can increase creativity and explore artistry in your community, your home or in your virtual classroom. Yes, a DIY consultation is for everyone!

Not sure if you want to commit?

Try a free 15-minute session.

Step 2

Create a tailored program!

This is where we get to know your community a bit. We have you complete a brief survey and/or schedule a planning session so that we can tailor the session(s) and the dramatic experiences and strategies to your community's interests, needs and goals.

Step 3

Identify your session date(s)!

It's all up to you. One workshop. A series of 8 sessions. An entire school year! Or... what do you need? Together we determine what you need to accomplish the goals. We are committed to partnering with you for every step of your journey.

Step 4

Off you go!

Play! Collaborate! Create! Transform!

Step 5


Yard Dramas are accessible to everyone regardless of their financial resources and circumstances. Our fees recognize differences in wealth, income and privilege within our community and simultaneously keep us, teaching artists in the community, employed. This is a delicate balance and it requires all of us re-setting and re-defining our values.

Historically, teaching artists have been undervalued. We believe we bring value to the community. Check out the Teaching Artist Guild's Pay Calculator. We understand that you may not be able to meet the suggested fees. Your awareness alone will move the field of teaching artistry forward, and help our society recognize pay equity as a social justice issue.

For Households: We believe every household should have a teaching artist as a partner for their creative process journey. We are committed to our values and will not turn anyone away.

Community Partners: Whether a school, library, neighborhood pod, community center, senior center, business or municipality - let's work together to find the right program, and the sustainable fundwe are eager to collaborate with the entire community!

Begin a conversation and let's see where it takes us.

Join the Yard Dramas Community!